What got us into the entertainment business was the love and interest in music. Our team consist of talented artists who not only have interest in music but at the same time are skilled in playing either an instrument, live singing or dancing. To support other artist in the industry we at Dhamaka Productions only use legally purchased music and avoid piracy. Legally acquired music tracks puts us superior to other DJs in the industry by allowing us to deliver maximum quality sound out put through our high end equipments.

Music We Play
To keep up with the latest hits and  all the classics as well, Dhamaka DJ’s are constantly adding new music to our library every week, you can imagine the collection we have acquired since 1994. If you request a track and we don’t have,  we will buy it. As for what we play, it is very important for a DJ to understand the crowd, then only your party will rock and create ambiance you are looking for. Our music collection consist of Bollywood Hindi, Bhangra, Hip Hop & R&B, Disco, Dance, Trance, Rock, Reggae, Latin, Arabic, Pakistani, Garba, South Indian, Lounge, Fusion, Jazz, Indian and Western Instrumentals & Classics, 

Mix Samples
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Top 10 & What’s Hot Coming Soon...
    - Hindi
    - Bhangra
    - Hip Hop and R&B
    - Others

What We Like
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